Nov 11, 2011

Pictures in a Park

I like to take pictures. It's fun when I feel bored. It is awesome on a Friday. I also like to take photos on other days. To make pictures is fun and I like to take my time and do good ones. Pictures are a great thing to do when I'm on my own. Sometimes Eric comes with me, but I do all the work and I'm usually alone. Today, he just dropped me off at the start of a trail in the woods and I called him after I was all done.

I started by trying an idea I had to take some photos from a moving swing, then I headed down the path to take some forest pics.

It's really important to focus on what you're doing. You can't just take random pictures with your eyes closed. You have to pay attention and find the right spot.

It is sweet that I can just use my iPhone to do this activity because I always have it with me, so I can take pics whenever I see a good one, or I can just use it to remember good times I have like most people do.

I won't put in all the photos I took because there are way to many, but here are a few more of my favs.

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