Nov 11, 2011


My dad and his neighbor go out and set traps in the woods to catch animals. They have to get up around 4 am everyday to go and check the traps. It is super cold where my parents live in the mountains so we had to dress very warmly. My dad let me go with him last weekend and we got a coyote!

They don't usually get that kind of stuff, so I was really lucky to be there the day they got it. When we go out, we drive around to go to each area. When we pull over, my dad's neighbor checks it out first to make sure it is safe for us to get out of the car. I was so 'lucky' to be there that I had to carry the coyote to the car then.

We were back at home then before my mom was even awake yet! It was neat to go out once or twice, but I don't think I want to wake up that early every day, so when I visit my parents at their house, I don't think I'll always want to go trappin' with them. Instead I will probably 'sleep in' until 7 am :)

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