Jan 20, 2012

My day cooking in a local restaurant

I work two days a week at Skills. Skills is a workshop. The people are nice but I really want to cook. That is a dream job for me, like gordan ramsey haha! Today a boss took me to Café 210 in State College, PA. They let me work in their kitchen all morning.

I had to cut up a lot of food like vegetables and peppers. I need to practice slicing more, but they told me I did good with the knife. I use knives at home when I cook too.

I made 5 galloons of chili from scratch, it was cool. I did a great job. I even prepped the first order of food for lunch because I was still there. It was nachos.

I was so excited for this because I really want to cook I like it a lot. My birthday was yesterday and my birthday wish was to get a kitchen job this year. It makes me work hard and I feel like one of the guys. My job coach felt like I was a regular employee because all the guys acted like I worked there.

Some people were not sure if I could do this job. Now that I did so good at this kitchen prep test I hope I can find a job cooking since it is my dream. 

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