Jun 28, 2011

If I have a disability so does the pancakes.

life is hard when you are joey .hard to have a disability.  to be or not to be that's the question. we are having pancakes's. it's hard to make pancakes. just like its hard to have a disability. you don't know how you are diffrent but you want to be normal. its hard just like when i said to make pancake 's it's hard.

Editor's note:  Joe was inspired by us having breakfast for dinner! This was the first post that Joe typed himself, and we just helped with spelling, etc. afterwords. 


  1. Joe! You are Awesome! I miss you, buddy.

  2. Hello Mr. Joe

    I am the mother of a little girl that as yourself has down syndrome I just wanted to let you know that is inspiring to read your blogg, you are a fighter the motivation that you have to succed in life is worthy of respect!

    Many of the "normal"people should learn to live as if everything is a challenge that needs to be won giving it their best effort, sadly this is not the case.

    Just wanted to say hi! and that you are a roll model keep up the fight for independence one step at a time!!